Patanjali Launches Kimbho App to Compete With WhatsApp, Turns Out to Be a Security Disaster!

Yesterday Patanjali launched its ‘Swadeshi’ messaging App under the brand name Kimbho. The FMCG company, that aims to create a ‘Swadeshi’ alternative to everything that Indians use, claimed it to become a formidable competitor of WhatsApp in India.

Soon after the launch of the Kimbho App, the issues related to security started pouring in.

Elliot Andreson, an ethical hacker, claimed in a series of tweets that the Kmbho App is a security disaster and users should be cautious in downloading and using the app.

He tweeted: “ @KimbhoApp before trying to compete #WhatsApp, you can try to secure your app. It’s possible to choose a security code between 0001 and 9999 and send it to the number of your choice #kimbhoApp.”

Another tweet: “This @KimbhoApp is a joke, next time before making press statements, hire competent developers… If it is not clear, for the moment don’t install this app .#Kimbho #KimbhoApp”


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