Focus on Wearable Technology to change our life

Wearable technology also known as wearable gadgets includes in a category of technology devices. It can be worn on the body and also include tracking information related to health and fitness. Some wearable tech devices includes small motion sensors to takes photos as all as can sync with your mobile devices.

There are various forms of wearable technology

1. Implantables:

These are devices implanted under the skin through surgeries so that user can carry with them wherever they go

2. Smartwatches:

These are devices connected to user’s mobile phone and notify the user about social media messages, emails, and calls.

3. Smart Jewellery:

Some companies are now bringing the idea of a smartwatch to jewellery to attract women in the form of smart jewellery. These devices inform users of any emails and calls or text when they are not able to access their phones

4. Fitness Trackers:

These devices keep the number of steps users take when they put it on and gives accurate data of the calories burned usually worn on the wrists.

5. Smart Clothing:

It includes specially-made garments infused with conductive silver-coated fibers which act as sensors which help to which monitors heart rate, breathing and stress levels.

6. Head-Mounted Displays:

These devices deliver information straight to your eyes.

The future of wearable technology is huge. These devices have cloud storage, implicit location information, GPS, Internet of things, data storage and much more. It’s a trendy hardware that is portable, cheaper and faster.

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